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Roots of the herb Ginseng potenza ginseng are known to contain high levels of bioactive saponins. Consumption of ginseng saponins suppressed the expected increase in body weight and plasma triacylglycerols, ginseng potenza a high-fat diet and observed higher intake. Consumption of ginseng saponins had no effect on the concentration of the total plasma cholesterol in both chow and high-fat diets in mice. The mode by which saponins from ginseng inhibit lipid metabolism was assessed as the in vitro inhibition of pancreatic lipase.

Our results ginseng potenza that the anti-obesity and hypolipidemic effects of Ginseng in high-fat diet-treated mice were attributed to the isolated saponin fraction. These metabolic effects of the ginseng saponins may be mediated by inhibition of pancreatic lipase activity. Keywords: Obesity; dietary fat; blood lipids; triacylglycerol; cholesterol; pancreatic lipase; ginseng; saponin.

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